Midcentury Modern Show

On Sunday 18th November 2018 at Dulwich College in London, we’re proud to be featuring at Midcentury Modern hosted by Modern Shows. Explore products from 85 dealers and designers from vintage furniture to modern home accessories from 10am to 4.30pm.

Mid-century modern design

As a design movement mid-century is timeless in its beauty and simplicity. Distinguished by its functionality, sleek lines and an exploration of traditional and non-traditional materials mid-century modern has a classic understated look that seems to only grow in popularity. Despite having an ‘official’ period from the mid-1930’s to the 1960s and ‘originating’ in America, the aesthetic arguably draws heavily on both Scandinavian and Japanese design. Scandinavian and Japanese designers have long been perfecting the art of bringing out the beauty of natural materials and making the functional beautiful that distinguishes mid-century modern design.

Midcentury Modern shows

Hosted by Modern Shows, Midcentury Modern brings together both vintage dealers and contemporary designers to show off the best of design today. With years of experience mixing the best of the mid-century with the latest in modern design, Modern Shows hand select all the designers featured at Midcentury Modern to present only the best in quality and appeal.

The shows are a chance to source vintage furniture and home ephemera alongside contemporary wallpaper, ceramics, cushions and homewares from the best upcoming designers. You can read more about the some of the makers featured at Midcentury Modern including Sansho on the Modern Shows blog Inside Modernism.

A taste of the Midcentury Modern show

As a curated collection of vintage and modern with designers all showing their own unique take on incredible mid-century modern design it’s the perfect opportunity to mix and match pieces as well as form collaborations. We were proud to feature in our own collaboration with our own dyed Kasuri lamp shade, Crucible Foundry and their bronze bamboo lamp stand, an indigo placemat from Shimogawakyozo and even a bouquet from our favourite Aoyama Flower Market.

You can find out more about the Dulwich Midcentury Modern show November 18th here or look out for more shows coming up.