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Hoshino Yaki

Ceramics from the Jugomori Kiln

In the hills of Hoshino, more famous for its delicious tea, sits Maruta san's noborigama kiln. After wandering over Kyushu in his youth, he decided to marry and settle in this out of the way village and make yakishime - or unglazed ceramic. Over time the village had crept out to his once isolated kiln and house, but it is still in a beautiful spot in one of the nicest villages in Japan, famous for its fireflies in Spring.

Maruta san specialises in his "rainbow" yakishime which he has been perfecting through his working life. This is achieved by laying rice straw on the floor of his kiln and as the fire sweeps through the kiln, the straw gives just enough heat and colour to achieve this wonderful layering of colour on his pieces.