"The vase on the altar shelf with its haphazard assortment of chrysanthemums and sprigs of autumn leaves spoke of someone's presence"

Our range of Japanese inspired home furnishings and accessories combine traditional Japanese craft techniques with contemporary style to produce timeless designs that will fit in any home. All-natural materials and colours give every piece an element of wabi-sabi, resulting in subtly Japanese homewares which will suit any style of décor.

Japanese interiors and homewares, vases, cushions, bowls
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Kashiwan "G" Lacquered Oak Dip Bowl - Side
Sake Jug, Dressing Jar, Pourer - White
Mini Posy vase, Japanese ceramic | Sansho
Turned & Shaped Japanese lacquered bowls - Brown Side
Large Turned & Shaped Japanese lacquered bowls - Natural Side
Kashiwan Bowl (U)
Kashiwan "Y" Lacquered Oak Dip Bowl - 3 Quarter
White Ohitsu Container
White Ohitsu Container
From £60.00
Beautiful simple unglazed Japanese ceramic bud vase - side
Japanese Earthenware, Ameyu Salad or Fruit Bowl - Top
Takatori Shunkei Salad or Fruit Bowl - Japanese Stoneware - Top
Japanese Slipware Salad Bowl - White Side
Large Oribe Salad Bowl Handmade in Japan - Top
Uchikake Fruit Bowl Handmade in Japan - Straight
Echizen style, Japanese glazed and unglazed stoneware ceramic vase - Side
Nyuhaku Vase
Hyotan Vase Handmade in Japan - Side
Hyotan Vase
Shakugake Vase Handmade in Japan - 3 quarter
Shakugake Vase
Rustic decorated traditional Japanese vase - Side
Interesting Modern but Traditional Japanese Vase - Straight
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Large Japanese unglazed vase - side
Sold Out
Hoshino Vase
Classical inspired Japanese Stoneware Vase - Side
Tapered Vase, Wood-fired & Handmade in Japan - Straight
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Large Square Japanese Yakishime Vase - Side
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Square sided Japanese pottery Vase - Straight
Ameyu Fruit Bowl Handmade in Japan - Straight
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Oribe Handmade Fruit Bowl, Small - 3 Quarter
Tenmoku Handmade Fruit Bowl, Small - Side
Large Brown Ohitsu – Open Brown Ohitsu - Open
Brown Ohitsu Container
From £60.00
Japanese Indigo Circles Square Cushion Main
Japanese Indigo Circles Cushion Main
Japanese Indigo Multi Cushion Main
Japanese Persimmon Indigo Multi Cushion Main
Hazure Japanese Indigo Cushion Main
Diamonds Japanese Indigo Cushion Thumbnail
Shirogesho Decorative Bowl, Japanese Pottery - Top
Shirogesho Bowl
"Aonamako" Japanese Ceramic Fruit or Salad Bowl - Top
39 results