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Amatsubu Rectangular Cushion


Amatsubu Rectangular Cushion This item will have to be made for you, which can take up to 5 weeks

Is it an abstract pattern, raindrops on water, snow, wood grain? The pattern is intriguing and for a traditional Japanese kasuri fabric it is surprisingly contemporary. The mix of white, grey and blue means that it is also a very versatile cushion.

Linen backed with a slim flange around the edge. Sakata use a mixture of natural and artificial indigo to help the colour stick.

  • 50cm x 35cm
  • Cotton and mixed natural and synthetic indigo cushion, complete with a feather and down pad (85/15%), linen backed (see our Care Guide)
  • 100% Kasuri dyed cotton, from the Sakata workshop in the famous town of Kurume, Kyūshū
  • Cushion covers and pads made in the UK
Meet the Maker:

Sakata Orimono

The Sakata workshop is always bustling with activity. The Sakatas are constantly trying new ideas and patterns, whether it is opening a boutique in New York or collaborating with designers.

They are a big supplier of clothing, but are happy for us to explore their storeroom for any patterns we can find. They are a great combination of producer and entrepreneur - and are always fun to deal with.