Practice your ikebana, throw a bouquet in them or leave them empty, our beautiful hand-made vases are practical and sculptural. We have a wide range of vases, from small posy vases perfect for your window sill to large feature vases in a range of glazes and finishes.

If you are after something in particular, please get in touch, not all our stock is online.

Unglazed or glazed, traditional or contemporary Japanese vases
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Sake Jug, Dressing Jar, Pourer - White
Mini Posy vase, Japanese ceramic | Sansho
Shirogesho Mini Vase
Stem Vase
Stem Vase
Tokkuri Tamago Vase
Japanese vase, slip and rice ash glaze
Natural clay, wood-fired, sake jug inspired handmade Japanese vase
Handmade Japanese Yakishime style vase, wood-fired and handmade
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Hanging Vase
Hanging Vase
Ameyu and warabai cylinder vase
Tsurigane Mini Vase
Japanese Zogan glazed vase - beehive shaped, wood-fired
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Beautiful simple unglazed Japanese ceramic bud vase - side
Warabai and ameyu tall vase
Hyoutan Mini Vase
Wood-fired handmade Japanese ceramic vase
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Beautiful hand-made cedar ash glaze coil form Japanese vase
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Hand-thrown Japanese wood-fired warabai vase
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Japanese vase - yakishime style, tsurigane shape with comb decoration
Japanese pottery rice ash glaze vase
Echizen style, Japanese glazed and unglazed stoneware ceramic vase - Side
Nyuhaku Vase
Hyotan Vase Handmade in Japan - Side
Hyotan Vase
Shakugake Vase Handmade in Japan - 3 quarter
Shakugake Vase
Rustic decorated traditional Japanese vase - Side
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Interesting Modern but Traditional Japanese Vase - Straight
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Large Japanese unglazed vase - side
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Hoshino Vase
Classical inspired Japanese Stoneware Vase - Side
Tapered Vase, Wood-fired & Handmade in Japan - Straight
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Large Square Japanese Yakishime Vase - Side
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Square sided Japanese pottery Vase - Straight
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