Japanese lights

Popular for our various lights, lamps and lanterns, Sansho stock a wide range of Japanese lights inspired by traditional styles. All our various Japanese lamp shades and fixtures cast a bright but gentle light. While inspired by traditional Japanese style lighting, our oriental lamp shades are just as comfortable in a minimal modern design as in a traditional ryokan.

Japanese paper lamp shades

Our range of Japanese paper lamp shades offer a unique and modern twist on traditional Japanese lights. Based on the chochin light found throughout Japan, these unusual Japanese light fixtures use washi paper cut into sections or layered together to maximise light and show off their unique structure. Available in a variety of neutral tones and elliptical shapes, these contemporary Asian lamp shades are stylish and practical but still handmade using the old traditional Japanese techniques. Why not shop our popular Niju Skashi Lamp Shade in a peaceful white colour.

Wooden Japanese lamp shades

Using timeless hand-turning techniques our wooden Japanese light fixtures use traditional materials and methods for a modern and minimalist finish. These beautiful examples of Japanese style light fixtures are hand-turned to an extremely fine finish with traditional Japanese lacquer, allowing the light of the bulb to illuminate the grain of the wood with stunning results. Paired with our stylish light cords, this Japanese style lighting is perfect for an elegant and warm home finish whether you choose our Coku or Maru Lamp Shades.

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