Sophisticated lamp shades

Made with the beautiful and timeless kasuri technique these Japanese lamp shades have a unique style that is both classic and contemporary. The advantage of kasuri lampshades is that they look beautiful with the light on or off. As a woven pattern, there is no print on the fabric, and as the pattern is yarn-dyed, the light is very even, gentle and consistent. The blurred edges characteristic of the technique give a softness and humanity to the patterns and result in a colourful but sophisticated light shade.

Indigo Ikat lamp shades

Our cotton lampshades use traditional Japanese weaving and dyeing techniques for a truly unique result. From vivid natural indigo kasuri (ikat) lampshades to softer blues and greys, all our fabrics are traditional kimono patterns. Woven in the last workshops to specialise in the technique, the selection of unusual lamp shade patterns reflects each weaver’s personalities. We featured gathered rather than pleated lamp shades to suit the softness and texture of the kasuri cotton. You can pair our gathered lamp shades with our cushions to create a consistent style, for example our "Amatsubu" kasuri gathered lamp shade and "Amatsubu" inset cushion.

Small and large lamp shades

You’ll find our patterned lampshades come in a range of sizes. As handmade items, if we don’t have one in stock, it can take up to 4 or 5 weeks for one of these unique lamp shades to be made here in the UK. We can create them in a range of sizes, our only restriction is the width of the loom that the fabrics are woven on. We are very happy to advise how different fabrics will look in the different sizes and can also produce custom sized handmade lampshades upon request. Just get in touch if you have any questions.

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