Japanese ceramic bowls

Our unusual collection of ceramic serving bowls and decorative bowls are all sourced from skilled Japanese potters and handpicked by us for their beautiful design and practicality. From large ceramic fruit bowls to simple salad bowls, each one uses traditional Japanese pottery techniques and craft to produce contemporary stand out pieces. Discover traditional Japanese techniques used on contemporary shapes and in new exciting ways such as the Oribe glaze on our stunning Oribe Kaki bowl.

Fruit bowls, salad bowls or decorative bowls

Our unique range of earthenware bowls come in a range of different sizes from large bowls to small and are as practical as they are beautiful. Whether you choose to use them as large serving bowls, leftover storage containers, a vivid centrepiece bowl for your table or just a decorative fruit bowl, with the right care you can use these ceramics for a variety of everyday needs.

Handmade ceramic bowls

Each item is handmade by some of the most skilled craftsmen in Japan, from wood-fired earthenware bowls to lacquered wood serving bowls. This makes each piece unique in its own right, resulting in pottery bowls with wonderful colour variation and natural shapes. You can mix and match our large serving bowls and smaller bowls to create an eye-catching centrepiece bowl display or pair with our other tableware to create a stylish Japanese inspired table setting.

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