Ceramic vase selection

Enjoy our exclusive collection of unusual vases in a range of natural shapes and colours. These contemporary vases use traditional Japanese pottery techniques for a unique finish distinct from many other centrepiece vases. Ideal for a decorative flower vase to practice your ikebana or simply a tall ceramic vase for a table centrepiece. 

Small or large flowers vase

From a single stem to a large bouquet, we offer both stoneware and earthenware vases in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your home. Our range changes frequently, but we usually have all sorts of things from geometric stoneware, to elegant traditional gourd shapes, to the more usual cylinder vases.

Designer vase, handmade techniques

Like all our products, our decorative vases use traditional Japanese craftsmanship to produce a completely unique and modern look. We have everything from unglazed yakishime style stoneware to bolder blues and even museum quality porcelain based vases from the Makuzu workshop. You’ll find a variety of natural colourings only achievable with these timeless Japanese pottery techniques.

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