Japanese Ceramic Teacups & Mugs

Enjoy a morning coffee or afternoon tea from one of our handcrafted ceramic and pottery mugs. In Japan, it is very common to drink beer or sake from a ceramic cup - try it with our Keishugama teacups. Shop our collection online at great prices, all sourced from the individual master makers in Japan. From the traditional teacup to mugs influenced by European culture, you’ll find the perfect cup for your tea direct from Sansho.

Handmade Japanese Ceramics

Made for everyday pleasures, our Japanese ceramic mugs and teacups are the perfect addition to your tea set. Mix and match cups, saucers and mugs for an eclectic style brimming with personality. Looking for a matching set? Take a look at our ranges from the Takatori family or the Oumei Kiln. Handmade and individually glazed, these Japanese pottery cups are perfect in their imperfections. Shop matching plates and bowls for a complete dinner set.

Hold your own tea ceremony

Popularised by Sen no Rikyu in the 16th century, the Japanese tea ceremony goes back more than 1000 years. Why not have your own tea ceremony, linked to the ancient traditions of Japan through our contemporary handmade teacups and mugs. The Takatori glaze on our mugs is the very same glaze that was highly regarded by the ancient tea master Kobori Enshu in the 17th Century. Shop our collection of mugs and cups and saucers and find out for yourself.

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