Japanese Plates & Bowls

Make a statement on your dining table with Japanese plates and bowls available at Sansho. Handmade in Japan from the finest porcelain, earthenware, stoneware and lacquer, our traditional tableware sets make the perfect gift or addition to your dinner service. Our unique collection of modern Japanese serving plates, containers and dishes are suitable for everyday use and available in a range of colours, patterns and finishes to suit any taste.

Japanese Bowls & Saucers

All our ceramic bowls are individually handmade by master craftsman which makes every bowl, saucer and cup totally unique. You can of course still enjoy a nice bowl of soba noodles or tempura don, but they are just as useful as cereal bowls or dessert bowls. Browse our range of traditional blue and white ceramics or try our beautiful earthenware ranges featuring rich glazes and patterns.

Japanese Plates

Our lovely collection of Japanese porcelain, earthenware and stoneware will present your favourite dishes with elegance and style. Whether you serve up sushi on our modern Sujitsuki plate or use it for a cheese plate, you are guaranteed to find a use for any plates you find at Sansho. For the traditionalist we have for sale a range of lacquered wood dinner plates or, for those looking for a modern twist, take a look at our unique Tobikanna and Hakeme plates.

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