Contemporary Japanese ceramics

From modern Japanese stoneware to delicate traditional Japanese porcelain, we stock a wide range of handmade ceramics that combine stylish and contemporary designs with traditional Japanese pottery techniques. Handcrafted by our skilled makers, these modern Japanese ceramics are designed to be both decorative and functional for your home.

Functional pottery for the home

Traditional Japanese pottery is as functional as it is beautiful, and our collection of Japanese earthenware and stoneware is no different. From handmade ceramic bowls to Japanese stoneware mugs, each piece has been hand crafted to the highest standard for reliable everyday use. Whether you want to fill your cupboards with beautiful handmade ceramics or simply want to update your current crockery with a Japanese ceramic centrepiece like our Takatori salad bowl, our contemporary Japanese ceramics work as a functional part of your dinnerware. Pair pieces of our range together for a complete look, for example our tall Takatori vase is the perfect accompaniment to the Takatori bowl.

Beautiful decorative ceramics

While our handmade ceramics are first and foremost functional, you’ll also find a range of decorative pottery to brighten your home. Our handmade stoneware vases and Japanese decorative bowls combine beautiful, traditional glazes with natural shapes for a surprisingly striking look. Our modern Japanese ceramics give you a direct link to Japan’s extensive history of ceramics.

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