Meet the Maker

Naganuma san is one of our most charismatic makers and is great fun to be around, and his wife also happens to make delicious walnut mochi. We often buy one-off pieces which are nearly always sold before they can go on the website and his one-off pieces are true one-offs. He prefers clay that will crack, droop and blister in the heat of his anagama kiln and he is happy to find this clay anywhere, driving past a building site or going for a family walk in the mountains. This is his character and his spontaneity, energy and love of potting really shines through whether it's a more complex one-off piece or this simply yet stand-out Tatsumi Ameyu mug.

Naganuma san himself built the wood fired anagama and noborigama kilns which he uses and these give even a simple, plain glaze a lovely depth and variation to his tableware. It is also incredibly hard work - a wood fired kiln takes at least 38 hours to fire and 4 days to cool, and Naganuma san has to be constantly checking the temperature and loading wood for those 38 hours. He fires for such a long time because the local clay can split and warp in the kiln if it is over-fired, so he tries to fire for a longer duration at a slightly lower temperature. Paired with painstaking time-consuming techniques like the tobikanna design on Tatsumi Tobikanna plate, Naganuma really pours his heart and soul into his work.

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