Japanese textiles

From the rich vibrant indigo dye to the hypnotic geometric designs, it’s no surprise that our Japanese Kasuri fabrics are so popular. The time consuming and painstaking skills that go into these indigo cotton fabrics are fast disappearing. We work with some of the last remaining weavers in South-West Japan and we’ve created a unique range of cushions to show off the best of these woven Japanese indigo fabrics as well as new lampshades such as our "Mado" drum shaped light shade.

Japanese Kasuri or Ikat fabric

We use the best Japanese cotton fabric from the most skilled weavers to ensure our Japanese textiles are true to tradition and result in the best quality. Made with traditional Japanese indigo dyeing and weaving techniques, kasuri fabric is only available in kohaba width, or the width of a traditional kimono sleeve. This means that we have had to be creative with how we use this beautiful Japanese indigo fabric and we have ended up using it as borders or panels for our unique “Japan blue” soft furnishings. Our "Amatsubu" inset cushion shows how we've used this fabric with a linen inset panel and matching piping to complete this stylish square cushion.

Japanese design

While all our Japanese indigo textiles are made in the traditional way, the patterns and designs can have a distinctly modern feel. Japanese indigo dyed kasuri fabric produces geometric designs that are both contemporary and unique. Each individual cushion is unique thanks to the variation in the pattern caused by the Kasuri technique.

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