Our Japanese lacquerware products

Our range of contemporary Japanese lacquerware or urushi includes a selection of lacquer tableware as well as other home furnishings. On each piece, the lacquer finish is designed to show off the grain of the wood for a natural yet unique look. Our Makers use traditional Japanese hand crafted techniques to produce simple but beautiful contemporary designs. This combination of modern and traditional makes our wooden lacquerware completely unique.

Lacquer tableware

From red lacquer bowls to unique lacquer cutlery, our selection of lacquer tableware is both practical and beautiful. Japanese lacquer dishes have a durable finish for everyday use while showing off the hand crafted wood for a beautiful design. Available in a range of traditional lacquerware colours including black and red, this eclectic mix of carved lacquerware and lacquer pasta bowls is perfect for a unique and stylish table setting.

Wooden lacquerware lamp shades

While our tableware takes inspiration from traditional Japanese lacquerwork, our turned lacquerware lamp shades offer a contemporary twist using these traditional techniques. Available in two different shapes, they are hand-turned with an extremely fine finish to allow the light to shine through and show off the grain of the wood.

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