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Keijusha Koinobori Carp Posters


We have run out of stock for this item.

Each Koinobori carp streamer is painstakingly hand-painted on a sheet of handmade washi paper before being cut out, pasted together and having fins added. But even at this stage, the koinobori is eye-catching and the bright colours and cheerful gold overpainting make it come alive.

These sheets are not perfectly square because of the nature of the handmade paper, and can be hung by themselves or in a frame.

  • 65cm long, 49cm wide
  • Paper handmade and hand-painted in Japan at the Keijusha workshop
  • Magnetic poster hanger not included - these can be easily found on Amazon for example


Meet the Maker:

Keijusha Workshop

Located in the beautiful town of Yatsuo, the Keijusha paper company is on the banks of the Ida river where the water for their washi making comes from.

Based on historic designs of Serizawa Keisuke from the early 20th Century, you can immediately see the Western influence on the patterns. But these patterns would only work with the strong, waterproof paper perfected in Yatsuo town.

In the 20th century, there was only one company left with the skills to fulfil Serizawa's expectations, and that was the Keijusha Paper Company.