Coasters & Cutlery

Use our coasters with wine glasses, coffee mugs or sake cups, but they also look good with vases and clocks. Many of them are designed to be used as plates too, they are perfectly food safe, just like our cutlery.

All hand-made using a variety of woods, techniques and finishes, there is something for everyone.

Finely made Japanese Wooden Coasters and Cutlery
12 results
Dark lacquered spoon handmade in Japan
Red Lacquered Bottle Coaster
Handmade Japanese Beeswax Lacquer Coaster - Angle
Handmade Japanese Beeswax Lacquer Bottle Coaster - Top
Dark lacquer handmade coaster - side
Red lacquer handmade coaster
Sedge coaster handmade in Japan
Sedge Coaster
Dark Lacquered Bottle Coaster
Mitsurou Curved Coaster, Large - Top
Sedge bottle coaster handmade in Japan - Side
Dark Lacquered Fork
Shou Sugi Ban Coaster, Top