Nomura Orimono

The Nomura family focus on wholesale, commissioned weaving. They do not sell their own clothing or sell their fabric to retail customers. They have a huge impressive archive of 1970s patterns, but now they have scaled back in response to a more contemporary restrained fashion.

Traditional Cotton Ikat weaver Nomura san
7 results
Sazanami Kasuri Gathered Shade
Green Grey Japanese Pendant Lights
Midori Maru Shades
From £58.00
Nomura 12" Japanese Cotton Pendant Shade (Unlit)
Sold Out
Blue Hairpins Shade
From £46.00
Ajiro Indigo Lampshade Lit
Turquoise Sazanami Shades
Sazanami kasuri lamp shade pendant unlit
Sazanami Lamp Shade
From £46.00
Ajiro Japanese Ceiling Light - Lit
Ajiro Lamp Shade
From £52.00