"Japan is a land of potters. Smoke rises from kilns all over the country"
Yanagi Sōetsu

Japan is home to some of the oldest pottery in the world and has developed a unique style and appreciation of ceramics over the last 500 years. Prized in the tea ceremony, ikebana and in daily life, there is a huge range of styles and techniques.

Our Makers include everyone from famous tea ceremony families to individuals just starting out. Our main aim is to find Makers with skill and character.

Traditional and contemporary Japanese ceramics, pottery, earthenware, stoneware
91 results
Hakuyu dinner plate - side
Large Oribe Salad Bowl Handmade in Japan - Top
Tenmoku Handmade Fruit Bowl, Large - Side
Domed Tobikanna Jar
"Aonamako" Japanese Ceramic Fruit or Salad Bowl - Top
Shirogesho Decorative Bowl, Japanese Pottery - Top
Shirogesho Bowl
Takatori Handmade Japanese Mug - Straight
Takatori Mug
Takatori Hanbun Japanese ceramics Mug -Top
Takatori Fude Handmade Japanese ceramic mug - Straight
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Wood-fired Japaese pottery Cereal Bowl - Side
Wood-fired Japanese Ceramic Hakeme Plate - Side
Handmade Japanese Plates, Tobikanna Decoration - Top
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Wood-fired Japanese Ceramic Hanbun Shiro Plate - Top
White Hakeme Plate - Handmade in Japan - Side
Donten Pasta Plate, hand-thrown stoneware - Side
Donten Drip Japanese Stoneware Pasta Plate - Top
Square sided Japanese pottery Vase - Straight
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Large Square Japanese Yakishime Vase - Side
Tapered Vase, Wood-fired & Handmade in Japan - Straight
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Classical inspired Japanese Stoneware Vase - Side
Large Japanese unglazed vase - side
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Hoshino Vase
Interesting Modern but Traditional Japanese Vase - Straight
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Beautiful simple unglazed Japanese ceramic bud vase - side
Rustic decorated traditional Japanese vase - Side
Large Brown Ohitsu – Open Brown Ohitsu - Open
Brown Ohitsu Container
From £60.00
White Ohitsu Container
White Ohitsu Container
From £60.00
Japanese pottery, Handmade Salt Jar - Pair
Salt Jar
Soba Choko Donburi Bowl - White
Small Hakeme Plate - Brown
Hand-made Japanese Pottery Soup Cup - White
Japanese Slipware Salad Bowl - White Side
Modern Japanese Tea Bowl - Brown
Sake Jug, Dressing Jar, Pourer - White
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Takatori Shunkei Salad or Fruit Bowl - Japanese Stoneware - Top
Shunkei Kinaiyu Plates
Shunkei Kinaiyu Plates
From £28.00
Keishugama Brown japanese ceramic Teacup
91 results