Japanese cushions are mostly zabuton: flat square cushion traditionally filled with wadded cotton, not so suitable for a non-Japanese lifestyle. So instead we make beautiful cushions using Japanese indigo kasuri (or ikat) fabrics sourced from the few remaining weavers specialising in this intricate process. We pair these with linens and velvets to provide a lovely contrast of texture and lustre. The pads are also high quality down and feather.

If you want to change the details or use a different one of our fabrics, please just get in touch and we can normally accommodate special requests.

Japanese hand woven indigo cushions
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Hazure Japanese Indigo Cushion Main
Japanese Indigo Circles Square Cushion Main
Japanese Indigo Circles Cushion Main
Japanese Indigo Multi Cushion Main
Japanese Persimmon Indigo Multi Cushion Main
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