Woodblock prints are full of beautifully patterned kasuri and shibori indigo, hand-dyed silks and printed cottons and linens. They are an integral part of our view of Japan.

But many of these skills are dying out. For example, indigo dyed Japanese cotton kasuri (or Ikat) has had a long history in Japanese textiles and we have travelled through Kyūshū to find the best weavers to try and support them.

Japanese indigo dyed textiles
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Sazanami Kasuri Gathered Shade
Yellow Squares Japanese Ceiling Pendant Light
Mado kasuri shade pendant lit
Mado Lamp Shade
From £52.00
Japanese indigo lampshades (Lit)
Indigo Key Lampshades
From £67.00
Yellow Japanese Cotton Soft Pleated Lampshades
Green Cotton Japanese Pendant Lights
Green Grey Japanese Pendant Lights
Midori Maru Shades
From £58.00
Nomura 12" Japanese Cotton Pendant Shade (Unlit)
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Blue Hairpins Shade
From £46.00
Hazure Japanese Indigo Cushion Main
12" japanese Cotton Pendant (Unlit)
Amatsubu Lamp Shade
From £46.00
Sakata Gathered Lampshade Lit
Ajiro Indigo Lampshade Lit
Multi-Pattern Shades
Multi-Pattern Shades
From £46.00
Traditional Japanese Cotton Gathered Shades
Japanese Cotton Pendant Lampshade
Shimokawa Broken H Gathered Shades
Blue and White textured Fabric ceiling light
Japanese Block Pattern Gathered Empire Shades
Multi-Pattern Persimmon Shades
Persimmon Banded Stripes Shades
Soft Blue Grey Japanese Pleated Lamp Shades
Light Blue Grey Japanese Cotton Lamp Shades
Aonami 12" Pendant Japanese Cotton (Lit)
Aonami Lampshades
From £67.00
Sakata Crosshatch 12" Japanese Pendant
Green Square Gathered Empire Shades
Turquoise Sazanami Shades
Diamonds Japanese Indigo Cushion Thumbnail
Japanese Indigo Circles Square Cushion Main
Japanese Indigo Circles Cushion Main
Japanese Indigo Multi Cushion Main
Japanese Persimmon Indigo Multi Cushion Main
Sazanami kasuri lamp shade pendant unlit
Sazanami Lamp Shade
From £46.00
Ajiro Japanese Ceiling Light - Lit
Ajiro Lamp Shade
From £52.00
Mado Indigo Gathered Shade Lit