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The equivalent of a Japanese ship's decanter, this shape is inspired by wide-bottomed sake jugs used by sailors. The rough clay and wood-firing introduces enough variation to soften what could be quite a harsh shape. These natural clay coloured tokkuri could also be used as vases and are versatile and practical as well as having that rough-hewn Tatsumi character.

  • 13cm Diameter, 9cm High
  • Earthenware (see our Care Guide)
  • Hand-made at the Tatsumi Kiln in Fukuoka prefecture on Kyūshū
Meet the Maker:

Tatsumi Kiln

Naganuma san is a force of nature. He has the energy to have a
wood-fired noborigama and anagama - and he fires them regularly by
himself. This is a huge amount of work for one person by itself. He also finds and digs his own clay, makes his own glazes and grows his own rice. No wonder he describes himself as "made of fire and earth". Despite all his skill and technical ability, he still refuses to consider himself an artist - just a potter.