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Kintsugi Care Guide

Kintsugi is beautiful, and not just to look at – with a little care any piece mended with kintsugi can still be used. Of course, the pieces are fragile and the gold (or silver) can be rubbed off with rough treatment, so here are our pointers:
  1. The number one rule is to treat any kintsugi very gently.
  2. Japanese tableware is designed with chopsticks in mind. We do not recommend using a knife and fork on a kintsugi piece.
  3. Please do not use the piece over direct heat, in the microwave or oven, and please do not steam.
  4. Wash with tepid water, or you can use a 5% solution of gentle washing up liquid to water.
  5. After washing, dry thoroughly with a dry towel. Please do not leave the piece in water.
  6. Never use the dishwasher or the gold / silver will come off.
  7. Please do not use a hard sponge, brush, scourer or a harsh cleanser when you wash.
  8. Lacquer glue is strong, but please avoid knocking or dropping the piece.
  9. If you want to stack the pieces, please place a sheet of cloth or kitchen paper between the pieces. If you have a piece on display, please stand it on a cloth rather than a hard surface. If it slides across the surface, there is a risk the gold will be scraped away.