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Haikemuri Tokkuri Vase


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    A selection of gorgeously tactile sake jugs from the Tobo En kiln. The exterior looks volcanic, elemental or lichen encrusted and no-one can resist reaching out to feel the remains of the ash from the kiln which has been baked onto the sides of these Tokkuri.

    Iwami san assumed these would only have sake in them for a short time, so he is unsure whether they would be watertight for long periods of time when used as a vase. Please use with caution or with something to catch the drips!

    Option A was cracked when it came out of the kiln, and Iwami san has mended it with some delicate black lacquer kintsugi - please see the detail picture.

    • 8cm Diameter, 16cm High
    • Stoneware (see our Care Guide)
    • Not suitable for dishwashing
    • Hand-thrown, wood-fired anagama, from the Tobo En Kiln near the village of Mashiko on the main island of Japan