Under cherry trees
Soup, salad,
Fish and all
Seasoned with petals

Traditionally Japanese tableware is designed to be mixed and matched, so you’ll find our tableware is a mixture of different ceramics (porcelain, earthenware and stoneware) and lacquerware in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. Every item is practical and contemporary but still crafted by hand.

Japanese traditional and contemporary tableware, dinner sets, plates and bowls
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Shoji pattern hand-painted dinner plate - side
Aratsuchi Earthenware Cup & Saucer - Straight
Aratsuchi Cup & Saucer
From £16.00
Sedge bottle coaster handmade in Japan - Side
Sake Jug, Dressing Jar, Pourer - White
Tatsumi Japanese Mugs - Group
Keishugama White Teacup Handmade in Japan - Top
Turned & Shaped Japanese lacquered bowls - Brown Side
Donten Drip Japanese Stoneware Pasta Plate - Top
Dark lacquered spoon handmade in Japan
Large Turned & Shaped Japanese lacquered bowls - Natural Side
Modern Japanese Tea Bowl - Brown
Soba Choko Donburi Bowl - White
Takatori Cup - Side
Takatori Fude Handmade Japanese ceramic mug - Straight
Dark Lacquered Bottle Coaster
White Ohitsu Container
White Ohitsu Container
From £60.00
Tatsumi Japanese Earthenware Mug - Side
Takatori Saucer Handmade in Japan - Top
Takatori Saucer
Takatori Hanbun Japanese ceramics Mug -Top
Takatori Handmade Japanese Mug - Straight
Takatori Mug
Red lacquer handmade coaster
Dark Lacquered Fork
Red Lacquered Bottle Coaster
Japanese pottery stoneware dinner plate - side
Large Sujitsuki Plate
Small Sujitsuki Plate
Shoji pattern hand-painted cereal bowl - side
Shoji pattern hand-painted side plate - side
Hakuyu Cereal Bowl Handmade in Japan - Side
Sold Out
Hakuyu dessert plate - straight
Hakuyu side plate - straight
Shunkei Kinaiyu Plates
Shunkei Kinaiyu Plates
From £28.00
Takatori Shunkei Salad or Fruit Bowl - Japanese Stoneware - Top
Small Hakeme Plate - Brown
Large Brown Ohitsu – Open Brown Ohitsu - Open
Brown Ohitsu Container
From £60.00
Donten Pasta Plate, hand-thrown stoneware - Side
58 results