Kajiwara san grew up surrounded by pottery in Toho village and has taken up the challenge of how to re-invigorate traditional shapes and decoration. He experimented with different glazes and shapes until he settled on his signature white and brown glazes which he uses for practical tableware including the versatile Ohitsu container.

His glazes have a real depth of colour and texture which combined with simple shapes and decoration make his work really appealing. He is calm, slightly intense but fun and this comes through in his work which is precise and thoughtful but never loses that lightness of touch. His father still works at the kiln and his wife is a whirlwind of energy and as a team they have developed their kiln and are really fun to work with.

Keishugama Kiln - Handmade japanese Stoneware
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Sake Jug, Dressing Jar, Pourer - White
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Japanese pottery, Handmade Salt Jar - Pair
Salt Jar
japanese handmade pottery Mount Fuji plate
Fuji Plate
Japanese vase, slip and rice ash glaze
Keishugama White Teacup Handmade in Japan - Top
Domed Tobikanna Jar
White Ohitsu Container
White Ohitsu Container
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Modern Japanese Tea Bowl - Brown
Soba Choko Donburi Bowl - White
Keishugama Brown japanese ceramic Teacup
Small Hakeme Plate - Brown
Japanese pottery rice ash glaze vase
Japanese Slipware Salad Bowl - White Side
Large Brown Ohitsu – Open Brown Ohitsu - Open
Brown Ohitsu Container
From £60.00
Japanese pottery stoneware dinner plate - side
Hand-made Japanese Pottery Soup Cup - White
White Hakeme Plate - Handmade in Japan - Side