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Black Momigara Tokkuri


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    Momigara is a refined rice husk ash glaze where the stalks and leaves of the rice are excluded and it ranges in colour from yellow to white to bright blue. In this reduction firing it has yellow and green tones, and the black lower half is a traditional mineral glaze called kakewake.

    These were designed as sake jugs, so Iwami san assumed that they would only have liquid in for a short time. He is unsure how watertight they are for longer periods if used as a vase. Please be careful and use something to catch any potential drips!

    • 8cm Diameter, 15cm High
    • Stoneware (see our Care Guide)Not suitable for dishwashing
    • Hand-thrown, wood-fired anagama, from the Tobo En Kiln near the village of Mashiko on the main island of Japan