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Kintsugi Keishugama Plate, Brown


We have run out of stock for this item.

Instead of the normal 22k gold, we decided to mend this Keishugama plate with silver - the colour and lustre seemed to suit the rich brown ameyu glaze a little better.

Unlike most kintsugi, our's is food safe, and a well-positioned break across the side of the plate means that it is ideal to be used as well as admired. It can be nerve-wracking using kintsugi, but to be able to re-use and enjoy a kintsugi plate is something special.

Meet the Maker:

Kyoto Kinsetsu Kintsugi

We first met Tanaka san when we sent one of our own tea bowls to him for mending, and he did such a great job that we saved up all our broken items for him to mend!

A Kyoto native, he has a great network of friends and has introduced us to several interesting antique dealers in Kyoto, as well as the Crazy Ken Band.