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Slipware Hakeme Mini Vase


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The lower half of these vases is left unglazed showing the slip brushwork decoration. The combination of textures, finishes and lustres makes you want to pick up these vases. Beautiful and flexible, the vases can be used for anything - stems, small posies, greenery, branches - they all look good.

Meet the Maker:

Keishugama Kiln

Kajiwara san grew up surrounded by pottery in Tōhō village and has taken up the challenge of how to re-invigorate traditional shapes and decoration. He experimented with different glazes and shapes until he settled on his signature white rice husk ash and brown ameyu glazes which he uses for practical tableware including the versatile Ōhitsu container. His glazes have a real depth of colour and texture which combined with simple shapes and decoration make his work really appealing.