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Aoyama Flower Market Selfridges

Aoyama Flower Market Selfridges

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring then with plenty of flowers and celebrating the new. This year we’re pleased to do both - working with Aoyama Flower Market to open their new London store in Selfridges.

While their flower shops and tea shops may be popular in Japan, you may not be familiar with Aoyama Flower Market, although their mission in life is simple. Established in 1989 and now with 100 stores in Japan, the popular florist recently ventured overseas with the opening of their Paris shop in 2015 and now their Selfridges shop in London, all with the aim of spreading their simple concept: “Living With Flowers Everyday”.

Looking to bring tranquillity and joy into every home, their Lifestyle Bouquets have been created to make flowers an everyday enjoyment rather than just reserved for special occasions. These bouquets are a popular trend in Japan, and no wonder with their unique but simple arrangements, eye catching colour and ‘delicate Japanese craftsmanship’.

With our own values and beliefs of imperfect beauty, traditional craftsmanship and objects that are as ‘everyday’ as they are special, it’s no surprise that we identify so much with Aoyama Flower Market.

Opening on May 10th, we were delighted to have two of our unique decorative bowls used in the new store. Both our Aonamako Bowl and large Oribe Kaki Bowl can be seen taking pride of place behind the kiosk and were selected for their reflection of Aoyama Flower Market’s Japanese sensibilities and uniqueness.

Our Aonamako and Oribe Kaki bowls in the new store. Source: Bonfield Interiors

We are also supplying many smaller pieces which will be filling the store over the next few months – most of which aren’t even on our website yet. Aoyama Flower Market will let you take the bouquet, vase and coaster so you can replicate their taste at home.

We highly recommend taking a stroll through the new store to take in the vibrant blooms and breathe in the floral scents, and maybe pick up a Lifestyle Bouquet or two to pop in a vase back home. We will keep you up to date with the vases and other pieces that Aoyama Flower market will be using from us throughout the summer and autumn too.