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Meet the Maker: Asada Workshop

Meet the Maker: Asada Workshop

The Asada family has been involved in the lacquer trade for over 100 years. All the family work in the business, where they specialise in lacquering and retailing urushi or lacquerware, and soon the grandchildren will have to make the decision whether to join the family business.

Asada Workshop Yamanakaonsen
Their workshop is on the edge of Yamanakaonsen town nestled in the paddy fields. As lacquer specialists, they are always looking for new finishes and new ideas. For example, they have gone back to tradition to resurrect Mitsurō or beeswax lacquer, and they also had the idea of lacquering Zelkova bark so that it didn't go to waste.

Asada family wood turning
Although it looks quick and easy after a lifetime of practice, taking mere seconds to apply, the skill of applying lacquer is to make sure the coats are even and not too thick or too thin. Always smiling and helpful, the Asada family are a pleasure to work with.