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Meet the Maker: Fushitani Shouten

Meet the Maker: Fushitani Shouten

Fushitani san’s father started the company in 1962 after completing a traditional ten-year apprenticeship. This family company keeps using traditional techniques and materials but also seeks to innovate. They have developed new styles of chōchin (Japanese paper lights) like the double-layered shades and sectioned shades. For Fushitani san, tradition is innovation, accepting new challenges is a necessity for the future. If you have an old Fushitani shade that needs replacing and you can't see the shape on our site, please get in touch and we will most probably be able to source replacement for you.

Japanese paper light frame making

Fushitani san’s main motivation is introducing Japanese paper lampshades to overseas and connecting people in the world through his works. Half of his business is firmly in traditional Japan: making lamps for temples and restaurants, but the other half is making modern paper lamp shades for both the domestic and overseas market.


His workshop is in Nagoya city in the heart of Japan - where he has also just opened a shop and a restaurant to promote local products.