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Using our wooden lampshades in the USA

Using our wooden lampshades in the USA

The cap on most E26 phenolic pendant sockets is too wide for our wooden shades. Maybe a different phenolic socket would fit these shades, but all of our customers so far want to replicate the brass socket we use on our site.
US brass E26 sockets have a smaller external diameter and do not fit the European standard diameter shade aperture very well. While they do work without adapters, the shades can be hard to keep in position. So, we have sourced some adapters to use with our shades.

We have tested all our shades with this Uno thread brass socket, it comes as part of a kit including a braided silk cord. It is a very similar colour and style to the socket we stock on our website.

Here, you can see the space if you use the E26 brass socket without an adapter.

The shade rings on the standard E26 socket will just fit on and do up.

But it can be hard to get the shade centred on the socket and hanging straight.

To prevent this, we have a brass collar that will screw onto the bottom half of the lamp socket. This will then give a nice snug fit for the shades. 

The adapter will come with two shade rings. Wind the first one on tight as far as it will go. This will then leave enough room to put the lower ring on once the shade is in position.

Once fitted, the shade should look like this!

Every wooden shade will come with one of these brass adapters. This is the best way to get this shade to work in the USA. If you have any doubts or are not sure about which lampsocket to get please get in touch before ordering!