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Stem Vase


For such a small vase, there is so much to admire: the gentle green and orange colours, the slightly flattened shape, and the delicate crackle in the glaze that comes to life when the light hits it. Ideal for a posy vase on your window sill or in the bathroom, designed just to drop a few stems in, and step back and admire!

  • 8cm Diameter, 8cm High
  • Hand thrown Stoneware (see our Care Guide)
  • From the Kuninari Kiln, Ishikawa prefecture on the North side of Honshū, the main island of Japan
Meet the Maker:

Kuninari Kiln

The large bowls he makes for us originally started out as ikebana vases but they make fine (and perfectly safe) salad and fruit bowls. They range from a dark tenmoku glaze to two brighter green oribe glazes, both inspired by the birth of the tea ceremony.

Maeda san uses clay from his brother's paddy fields which he fires in a gas kiln. The tenmoku and oribe glazes are sometimes offset by his
warabai or rice husk ash glaze. Taking the left over rice straw after
his brother's family's rice harvest he will burn the rice straw and
refine the ash in water to create this textured off-white glaze.

Short and wiry but with a glint in his eyes, after getting through his
initial reserve, Maeda san is really fun to work with. Swallows
constantly flit in and out of his workshop where they build their nests
to try and escape the snakes. He also shares the workshop with his son who creates monolithic patterned sculptural pieces.