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Hand-formed Katakuchi (Incl Box)


Everything about this katakuchi, or sake pourer, has that lovely combination of refinement and roughness from Izumita san. The organic shape with its wavy rim might suggest that the sides are rough and stony, but they are carefully sanded to a smooth and tactile finish. In addition, if you look closely you can see how a sheet of clay has wrapped around to form the shape. It is a hand-formed piece rather than thrown on the wheel.

This katakuchi comes with its own signed box to guarantee its provenance as Izumita san becomes more renowned and collectable. 

  • 14cm Long, 10cm Wide, 13.5cm High
  • Stoneware (see our Care Guide)
  • Not suitable for dishwashing
  • Handmade by Izumita san at his kiln in the North Eastern prefecture of Iwate