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Midori Maru Shades

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Midori Maru Shades - 6 Inch Tube This item will have to be made for you, which can take up to 5 weeks

Another interesting pattern from the Nomura workshop. Moving away from the blues, this has a soft green in the circles with a grey/black ground. Even though it is quite a modern pattern, this casts a lovely soft light. Contemporary and grown-up, but still versatile colours.

Other shapes and sizes are available, drop us a line if you like this fabric but need a different size. The pattern placement can vary across shade sizes, if you need to know more, please do ask us.

  • 100% Kasuri dyed cotton, from the Nomura workshop in the famous town of Kurume, Kyūshū
  • Shades made in the UK, diffusers available
  • Compatible with US E26 sockets