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Drop-in diffuser hiding the bulb

Diffusers for larger lampshades

Customers often want to hide the bulb in a larger lampshade and we have three different styles of diffuser available to do just that.

The most simple diffuser is the "drop-in" diffuser. This is a circular disc which is pushed into the bottom of the shade. These are available in a white or off-white parchment from a 12" diameter upwards. Importantly, these can be retro-fitted, so if you are fed up with an old shade and want to hide the glare from the bulb a bit, then you can get one of these and it is easy to insert in the bottom of your shade with no extra fittings or equipment needed.

Drop-In diffuser, easy to install with no alterations to your lampshade

An off-white/natural perga drop-in diffuser

A "clip-in" Diffuser uses small clips integrated into the shade to hold a diffuser about two centimetres up from the bottom of the shade. The diffusers are 2" less in diameter than the shades, so there is a ring of light around the diffuser. As the clips are integrated into the frame, this needs to be specified at the time of making the lampshade and they cannot be retro-fitted. Again, these are available in a white or off-white parchment and are available for shade diameters 20" or more.

A clip-in diffuser suspends the diffuser above the rim of the shadeHere you can see the clips under the shade holding up the clip-in diffuser

Finally, there are "floating" diffusers. These sit higher up in the shade and are about 6" less in diameter. So they let more light through and look slightly more sophisticated while still hiding the bulb from view. These come with their own fitting so can be retro-fitted to older shades, and can even be removed or swapped if you want to adjust the lighting depending on the seasons. These are also available in a whole range of colours and fabrics, although plain white is normally preferred for domestic settings. They are available for 20" diameter shades and above.

A Floating diffuser is a stylish, sophisticated way to block the bulb

 This is not one of our shades! But you can see that the diffuser is smaller and suspended higher in the shade. this lets plenty of light out while still hiding the bulb.