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Using our fabric lampshades in the USA

Using our fabric lampshades in the USA

All our fabric and straight-sided paper shades (both drum shades and soft gathered shades) come with a UK/EU Standard E27 41mm internal diameter fitting.

E27 41mm Shade ring

This will fit most standard pendants in the US. If in doubt, please check the external diameter of your threaded lampsocket to make sure it is roughly 40 or 41mm.

Our fabric shades fit a standard E26 phenolic socket without needing any adaptation. We have tested our paper and fabric shades with this socket. There is a range of these E26 pendant sets at Grand Brass.  We have also had good feedback about Brighttia who also have a range of plug in pendants in a variety of colours and styles - if you would like to check with us before ordering a pendant fitting, please just get in touch.

We will supply a 34mm adapter with all our shades shipped to the US. This reduces the fitting diameter to fit a brass UNO thread lampsocket.

We have tested all our shades with this Uno thread brass socket from Grand Brass. It comes as part of a kit including a braided silk cord. It is a very similar colour and style to the socket we stock on our website.

However, for table lamps, the sockets can be different sizes and diameters, or may not even have shade rings at all and use a harp and finial fitting. Please check the fitting style and diameter and if you have any doubts, please get in touch before ordering a shade. We can supply shades with a US finial fitting for use with a harp, but please email to check before ordering!