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New shipping service to the EU

New shipping service to the EU

Brexit and the EU VAT rules change have been a bit of a challenge over the last year. We have been through several different services, and we hope we have finally found a good option to ship from the UK to the EU.

We ship to you using a DTP service, where we charge you your local Sales Tax rate on purchases and then we pay that Sales Tax (and any other customs charges due) on your behalf when your items are imported into the EU.

This means that you avoid any extra charges and admin fees, and once you order, your package should appear at your doorstep. The disadvantage is that it takes some time. We ship all our EU orders twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday. These are then shipped to the Netherlands and cleared through customs all together. After that they are sent by DHL to their destination.

So if you for example ordered on a Friday, we would send that to our EU clearance service on Monday, and it should reach DHL by Wednesday morning for onward delivery (anything from 1 to 5 days depending on the final destination).

For deliveries to Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, these will be delivered to a local drop-off point (Often the local post office) for collection.