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Lidded Katakuchi


These tactile little katakuchi, or sake pourers, are things of beauty (although the smaller one is technically designed as a soy sauce pourer). The refined shape contrasts with the roughness of the unglazed clay, but your eye is drawn to the crackle mikan glaze that looks like it is about to overflow from the lid. The edge of the lid even has a slight concave shape to it so it is easy to pick up and replace on the top. Then there is yet another clear feldspar glaze lining the katakuchi and spout. Such attention to detail.

Available in two sizes, the smaller one is approximately 10cm Long, 8cm Wide, 8cm High with a volume of 175ml, and the larger one is approximately 10.5cm Long, 10cm Wide, 9.5cm High with a volume of 300ml 

  • Stoneware (see our Care Guide)
  • Not recommended to put in the dishwasher
  • Hand-thrown, kerosene-fired, from the Kobo Daidai Kiln South of Tokyo in Kanagawa prefecture