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Shuichiro's Nashi Guinomi Sake Cups


Inspired by the gently rounded bottom of a Japanese pear, these sake choko have a waisted shape which is easy to pick up and hold. The two cups were in different parts of the kiln, and on one the kinaiyu glaze has retained its yellow colour, whereas on the other it has melted into bronze drips over the metallic sparkling shunkei glaze.

  • 6cm Diameter, 5cm High
  • Stoneware (see our Care Guide)Dishwasher Safe
  • By the Takatori Family, with 300 years and 14 generations of expertise in South West Japan
Meet the Maker:

Takatori Kiln

The tea master Kobori Enshū valued Takatori ceramics for their subtle glazes and refined construction, and coined the phrase kireisabi to describe the appearance of patina which the Takatori family could achieve. 400 years later, the Takatori family is still going strong and their expertise is still apparent as soon as you see or hold any of their work. Despite all the tradition, the Takatori family are very open to experimenting and trying new glaze combinations and shapes and this has been a really fun process for both of us.

Their pieces seem so delicate, but the Takatori family fire their kiln at 1250 degrees which means all their mugs for example can be put in the dishwasher or microwave and are surprisingly resilient and can be used as everyday items. A lovely combination of beauty, utility, tradition and experimentation.