Unagi Sashiko Shades


Unagi Sashiko Shades - 6" Dia. x 6" High Tube (15cm Dia. x 15cm High) is currently out of stock and will be made for you, which can take up to 5 weeks

Designed by our friends at Unagi no Nedoko, this fabric is inspired by traditional sashiko stitchwork. The hypnotic repetition of the sashiko is mesmerising, and when the light is on, the pinholes of the stitchwork glow behind the pattern.

Simple, yet sophisticated, these shades work on both a small and large scale.

  • Fabric woven in Japan by Miyata Orimono, designed by Unagi no Nedoko
  • Shades made in UK
  • Suitable as either a pendant or standard shade
  • Compatible with US E26 sockets
  • Shades not in stock can take up to 5 weeks to be made