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Keijusha Ainu Cubes Shade


Another vivid pattern from the Keijusha workshop. This pattern is inspired by the traditional patterns of the Ainu people who were the indigenous people of Hokkaido island in the far North of Japan.

  • 6 inch diameter, 6 inch height
  • Paper handmade in Japan, shade made in the UK
  • Suitable either as a pendant of standard lamp-shade
  • Compatible with US E26 sockets


Meet the Maker:

Keijusha Workshop

Located in the beautiful town of Yatsuo, the Keijusha paper company is on the banks of the Ida river where the water for their washi making comes from.

Based on historic designs of Serizawa Keisuke from the early 20th Century, you can immediately see the Western influence on the patterns. But these patterns would only work with the strong, waterproof paper perfected in Yatsuo town.

In the 20th century, there was only one company left with the skills to fulfil Serizawa's expectations, and that was the Keijusha Paper Company.