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Kintsugi Takatori Green Bowl


We have run out of stock for this item.

Unusually the original bowl was made by the current Takatori family head's mother, which may explain why it is this rich green colour. Traditionally Takatori ware was not green, maybe being a female gave her extra room for experimentation.

The delicate tracery of the 22k gold kintsugi work contrasts beautifully with both the white warabai glaze and the dark, mysterious wash pool of green glaze.

Meet the Maker:

Kyoto Kinsetsu Kintsugi

We first met Tanaka san when we sent one of our own tea bowls to him for mending, and he did such a great job that we saved up all our broken items for him to mend!

A Kyoto native, he has a great network of friends and has introduced us to several interesting antique dealers in Kyoto, as well as the Crazy Ken Band.