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Mado Lamp Shade

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Mado Lamp Shade - 6 Inch Tube This item will have to be made for you, which can take up to 5 weeks

This is a surprisingly modern and abstract pattern for a traditional kimono cloth. But the mix of blue and grey, squares and stripes has a minimal but soft feeling to it, perfectly suited to modern interiors.

These can be used as pendant shades or on your table or standard lamp. The kasuri technique has a characteristic brushed or blurred effect, which works wonderfully with geometric and abstract patterns and softens the light from your lamp.
  • 100% Kasuri dyed cotton, from the Sakata workshop in the famous town of Kurume, Kyūshū
  • Shades made in the UK, Diffusers and other shapes available
  • Compatible with US E26 sockets
Meet the Maker:

Sakata Orimono

The Sakata workshop is always bustling with activity. The Sakatas are constantly trying new ideas and patterns, whether it is opening a boutique in New York or collaborating with designers.

They are a big supplier of clothing, but are happy for us to explore their storeroom for any patterns we can find. They are a great combination of producer and entrepreneur - and are always fun to deal with.